All You Need to Know About Coupon Codes

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At one point while shopping online, you might have seen a coupon code. It mostly shows up during checkout or in the cart. The coupon code might be labelled discount code, promo code, gift code, source code, offer code or some other variations.

But regardless of what it’s called it always offers a chance for you to save some extra money on your order. Use the coupon codes wisely so that you get to maximize your savings. This article will guide you if you aren’t aware of how to apply and find for coupon codes online.

Basic training

 The first step is knowing what a coupon code is and how you can apply for it. When you use coupon codes, they can give a certain percentage of your order, discounted or free shipping, or a certain fixed amount of dollar off. The coupon codes can apply to most of the products a store sells, or only to particular categories or items. Some products only require a small amount of money to purchase.

Stores issue these coupons through numerous channels such as newsletters, their website or other sites that usually promote coupons and current deals. You can apply for other discounts at checkout even without a code and other times you will just be required to click on a specific link.

How to read the coupon codes?

 A coupon code comes as a mixture of numbers and letters. The characters are between 5-10, and all of them are in caps, at times they might appear random, and at times they will be real words or portions of words. At times the code can give a clue on the type of discount that it provides. For example, FREESHIP40 would probably mean free shipping with a 40$ minimum purchase.

How to apply for a coupon code

 Once you have already located a code to use you can apply it to your order by copying it, typing it or pasting it into the box of the coupon code. Then you click on the button to apply it. You can find this box at various stage of the checkout depending on the store you are ordering from.


The next time you see that little coupon box in the cart ensure that you take that chance to save as much as possible. There are coupons every day, and stores always have some available coupon.

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