How to Get Promo Codes, Discounts, and Coupons on Amazon

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If you shop at Amazon then, you must know that you can find anything here. Most people go to Amazon to buy toys, electronics, books, movies, music, garden items, home items, groceries and many more. You can also get some of the most popular e-readers like the Kindle from Amazon. Discounted items and Amazon coupons can be hard to find at times. Continue reading to know how you can get some of these discounts, coupon, and promo codes.

Places to find Amazon coupons and promotional codes

Amazon clickable coupons

On the coupon page of Amazon, you will find clickable coupons to add to your cart for various products. The coupons are lined up according to a category. For you to redeem the coupons, you need to click on the coupon then add the product to your cart. The discount will be directly applied when checking out. The coupons vary regularly, so you need to bookmark the page and check it out frequently.

Coupon codes for Amazon by department

These coupon codes are a little bit hard to find. You have to dig dipper to see them. Go to the Amazon homepage search by department then choose a category. Within the category that you have selected, there are links on top of the page. At the top of the page look for special offers, here you can find discounted prices and promo codes needed for you to apply for the discounts.

How to search for Amazon coupon codes

Searching for Amazon coupon codes is another method of finding the hidden promotional codes. You can use google too, and it will just require a few steps. You can also see the most current Amazon discount codes to apply at checkout too.

How you can get discounts at Amazon

Subscribe and save

 If you buy specific items on Amazon on a regular basis, you can get to subscribe and save. Each time you will save 15%, and besides, you get free shipping for your items. You can also change your delivery details anytime and cancel anytime too.

Gold box, new deals on a daily basis

 Amazon offers lightening deals and a deal of the day every day. You can check the Amazon gold box daily for great deals. The deals are sold quickly and are only available for a limited time during the day.


Use the above methods of obtaining coupon codes and promotional codes on Amazon. The discounts can help you save some extra bucks for you.


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