Why Hire a Professional Pet Sitter?

There are many reasons why you should hire a professional (insured and bonded!) pet sitter or dog walker to care for your pets. However, I streamlined the list and highlighted the most important ones below. Specifically, you should hire a professional pet sitter for your animals because it helps THEM with the following:
  • Feeling safe & secure intheir  surroundings.
  • Following their regular dietand exercise routine.
  • Eliminating stress of traveland unfamiliar people.
  • No exposure to other animals,illnesses, parasites, fleas, etc.
  • Not being stuck in a cage or small boarding room.
  • Can be safely chauffeured to any appointments.
  • Special needs, high-maintenance or spoiled pets are catered to.
  • Receiving personal attention,lot of playtime & oodles of love.
  • A much happier pet to come home to!

Now that I’ve outlined how it helps your pets, lets talk about how it helps YOU:

  • Personally knowing who is taking care of your pet and receiving a”paw”gress report detailing your pets’ activities, mood & health.
  • Eliminating the “guilt factor” when leaving your pet.
  • Having dependable care for your pet on short notice or emergencies.
  • Not having to impose on family or friends. (And not having to owe them a favor!)
  • Knowing that your pet is receiving one on one attention and oodles of love.
  • Your home is monitored with the pet sitter coming and going, bringing in newspapers, mail, and checking on things in general.


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