Puppy Program

The first several months are critical for puppy development. I will help you crate train your puppy by making visits to your home during the day to let your puppy out, play with her, feed her and walk her.

Passion for Pets Puppy Program offers the following services:

  • socialization
  • preferential visit times
  • basic commands (I am not a trainer, but will work on sit, stay, and paw while taking care of him/her.)

  • Overall Benefits for your pet
  • Reduced stress – Your pet remains in its own familiar, secure setting.
  • Diet and Exercise – Normal diet and routine is followed. Daily walks are part of our service. Exercise serves as a mischief deterrent and is good for your dogs health. It is also and important way to alleviate separation anxiety.
  • No travel trauma – Traveling to a family member or friends house, or to a boarding facility may upset your pet.
  • Health and Well-being – Less exposure to illness of other animals when your pet stays in its own environment.
  • Loving Care – Your pet receives personalized attention and love while you are away.

Benefits for your Convenience – You won’t need to spend time transporting your pet to and from another location.

Peace of Mind – You can enjoy time away from home knowing your pet is being cared for by a professional who will put your pets needs first.

Contact me below for scheduling an appointment
Jennifer:  832-458-6077


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