Midday Visits

Daily Dog Walking/Midday Breaks – My midday walks help give you and your pets the regular program of exercise they need to live strong, healthy and happy lives. I feed, provide fresh water and exercise your pet each day and will administer medication per your instructions and follow instructions regarding special diets.

My midday breaks are primarily for dogs (although I will do other pets as well). I find that the midday walk is an excellent break for your dog. There are many advantages to dog walking. Walking is a great exercise for your pet. A brisk walk is good for your dog’s heart and extends his life. Without exercise, pets become unmotivated and bored. Walking your pets not only helps them stay active, but keeps them out of mischief.

And for those “high ball drive” dogs, I will engage in a very active game of toss and return with them as needed. As an owner of a high ball drive german shepherd, I know all about the need for engaging a high energy dog to wear them out and to keep them satisfied with a good workout program. To a dog that loves nothing more than a tennis ball or frisbee, a game of fetch is the next best thing to a dog bone.


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Jennifer: 832-458-6077


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