Cat Care Visits

Although many pet sitters and pet care workers lump cats in with dogs when it comes to taking care of other peoples pets, I have a different view on your feline household member(s). As a cat owner myself, I understand the distinct personalities that cats offer each household so I know how difficult it may be to give a cat the care, love and understanding they need when you are away. Various toys bring out the fun nature in cats and I don’t skimp on the TLC fun either. I can either use your cat toys, or I can bring my own to fully engage your cat and make them feel loved and appreciated when you are away. Besides playtime, other cat care services I offer are:

  • Litter box cleaning treatments
  • Anti flea and tick treatments
  • Water bowl and cat food replacement
  • medicine applications

Many cats are shy and fearful, while others are adventurous and daring. I cater to the personalities of all of your cats in your household.

$18 for each 30 minute session

Contact me below for scheduling an appointment
Jennifer at 832-458-6077

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