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My name is Jenny.  I’m originally from Connecticut and moved to Texas in December of 2006.  I’m a former social worker and community relations director.  Although I enjoyed what I did in “my previous life”, I felt as though it wasn’t quite what I was meant to do.  Animals have always had a special place in my heart.

Ever since I was little I’ve loved animals. My first large pet was Gizmo, a mainecoon cat that showed up at my door one day.  He was a very loving cat.  I referred to him as the dog stuck in a cat’s body because he came on command and walked with you as though you were walking a well-trained dog. Since that day he showed up on my door, it seems as though every lost animal finds me.  

I have several rescue animals myself- 4 dogs and 2 cats.  They are my four-legged furry kids.  Cody, one of my dogs is also special needs.  He suffers from epilepsy and has to take two medications twice a day.   I personally say Kael, my german shepherd is special needs too with his neurotic personality.  I love him no less though.

I have also placed dogs with forever homes. I look at pets as intricate family members, not just as something to be pushed aside. What sets me apart from the other pet sitting or dog walking services out there in our area is my passion,  and my every day involvement with animals. This isn’t a side project for me, this is a part of my life and my business!  Animals are my passion!


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